I don't know why my dvd rom is not working. It opens and close both even the dvd drive it shows in My computer but whenever i insert any cd or dvd it response nothing. Any suggestion..?

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no not working. After i insert any cd or DVD it response nothing :(

Do you have an external DVD drive or can you get one and try inserting a cd again?

no not working. After i insert any cd or DVD it response nothing :(

when this happens to me i replace the drive with a new working drive and problem is solved

The sensor in the ROM might be damaged. The drive is shown because all other hardware of the ROM is fine. You will have to get a new one or connect this one on an another PC, see if it works. All the best.

Mine was working at first,but then I opened it and it doesn't want to close again,the indicator lamp keeps blinking when I try to force it close.It can't read coz it can't stay closed..what should I do?

smoking cigarrettes can cause the laser lens to become clouded, do you smoke?

-edit because i do

cant stay closed ,it has to be mechanical ,the door is broken ,it needs to be repaired or replaced

it could also be a lack of voltage if you have added more hardware

will it stay closed if you try closing it without a cd/dvd in the drive

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