My issue is that I have to disc readers. One DVD RW and the other a CD RW. I have to slots for them, I plugged them both in, power cables and connector cables. Howeverm the computer only reads that there is a CD RW drive in it. I switched around the Master, Slave, Cable Select configuration, however, no cigar. Any suggestions as to the configuration.
(I finally got a half-solution by only plugging in the DVD-ROM drive, which is the one I most need. However, I'd like to be able to use both!)
Thanks in advance!

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It could be one of two things:
1) either you have not gone in to the computer BIOS Setup and told the computer there is a second device (or let it detect there is a second device) on the cable. OR
2) You have the master/slave settings wrong on the drives. Make the DVD the master and the CD Rom the slave put the DVD at the end of the cable and the CD in the middle.

One quick note. The DVD RW is also a CD RW and can be used to create CD's.


Hey I got it, the master/slave config didn't work out. However, when I sent them both to CS, it worked!

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