Hi I have a toshiba tecra laptop 8100 series- plugged in , it wouldn't start up so I bought it a new battery- still nothing. I can get a power light flashing orange if I play a little I can leave it and get power light green and battery light green -the charger is only warm after hours of this. still no action on the screen or fan sounds the lights are all that happens. I got onto one web site that said hold the backspace and turn on and I did get all the green lights flash green then nothing. I take it the new battery is a waste of money. do I need a better cord? or would it be hardware related? any ideas would be very welcome at this point -this computer is antiquated my new one is faulty and the tecra has about five years of photos I don't have access to... fed up with technology at this point any help would be great thanks

Remove the battery and ac power and let it sit for an hour or so. Then try to power it up on just the ac power (don't add the battery). If that doesn't work, it could be a mb or power supply issue. Also, if you just want your photos off the drive you can get a 2.5" external hard drive enclosure for about $20, install the drive in the enclosure, and plug it in to a good system to access the files.

HI i've tried re-seating the memory ( found picture on net) I've tried powering up with no battery, after sitting a day with no battery, anyone got any other things to try before I spend more cash I don't have on this very much appreciate all the help I can get and will try any hints like the ones I've been given with thanks. tans