Ok... So a buddy of mine had a problem with his HP Pavilion 700 Desktop PC. Upon examining the machine, I was determined that the issue must be with the power supply (no fan's running, no activity other than a lite sequel from the power supply).

I ordered the power supply that is supposed to work with the machine.

Now that I have installed the Power Supply, I am getting a series of Long Beeps from the machine. It does not appear to be booting up.

Anyone have any ideas here?

Thank you!

Hi and welcome to Daniweb,
Your information is very sketchy but it could be the beeps that you will get when the RAM has a problem. Try removing all the sticks of RAM and cleaning the contacts with a pencil eraser. Please ensure that you turn off the power and ground yourself to the metal box of the computer before touching any parts inside. Put back only one stick of RAM and try, if still the same, swap sticks and/or slots.
If you are still having problems, please post back with more details about his machine, OS and problem. How many beeps or are they continuous? What happened to cause you to change PSU? etc, the more information the better chance of someone giving you a good answer.


Thank you for replying.

This is an HP Pavilion 700 running Windows XP Home.

I swapped the power supply for one that is supposed to be the exact same model.

I've removed the memory and tried to boot it.

The beeps are about 3-5 seconds long. And they are continous.

I'm starting to wonder if this is a Mother Board issue.

The power supply was swapped because the old one was squealing and and the MB didn't appear to be getting power.

Let me know if there is any specific information that would help here.

Thank you! :)

Did you try the RAM as I suggested?
If so and you still have the same problem, disconnect the hard drives and CD/DVDs and remove the video card (Plug directly into the motherboard.) if there is one. and boot again and see if you can get to the BIOS screen (no drive, it cant go further). If you can reconnect just one hard drive and try again, keep going till you find a problem.