Ok guys I have a serious problem with my computer

Here are my Specs:
AMD Athalon 2200+, 640MBs RAM, 1 40GB HD(master), 1 100GB HD(slave), I bought it from Fry's Electronics about 3 years ago

The Problem:
The computer was running good for those 3 years, but it kept getting slower and slower. So i decided to reinstall the OS to completely get rid of all the stuff that had accumalated.
So after i had deleted the partition, i tried to format with NTFS, it wouldnt finish and would give me a blue screen that said something about IRQL not less or equal.
So I tried it again but this time i chose the "quick" version. It completed the formatting and installed windows fine. I thought everything was good, until the freezing began. Whenever I use the computer, no matter what i do, it works good for 45mins (average) and then it freezes for no apparent reason!
So I installed the updates from Microsoft, and the problem remained. So I did the reinstallation of the OS once more, and same thing with the blue screen, so I chose the quick version again. But still the same thing with the freezing for no reason!

I have no idea what the problem is, so I am clueless in how to fix my problem so please help!!!!

My problem is similar to this one:
http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/thread27625.html, except that my drivers are all looking good

Sorry if my post is lacking any info, its my first post here

Hmmm. Another HD problem.
Methinks the master drive was dying and fragmented, and is now corrupt. If you could use the slave for the Windows installation, I'd try it (granted you probably keep all your documents on the slave).
If you don't get any issues with the installation on the slave, then the master needs to either be reformatted completely (which ye can do in Windows if the master is set as the slave). I find CompuApps SwissKnife a very powerful tool when trying to repair/repartition/format any hard drive. Just make sure any drive you work on, as expected, is a slave and doesn't boot the system. If the problem was the first drive, then you'll no longer have that accursed freezing.

My 160Gb drive is actually partitioned into a large "Programs" and a smaller "Documents." If you never choose to SwissKnife, you can still make a partitioning solution whilst in Windows setup. Good luck, and give a reply back so I can see what happens.

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