HI! I've had a friend ask for my help, but not sure what's wrong;

*OH bought an external hardrive, he formatted it, the pc is recognising it ok but the thing is it's supposed to have 160GB on it and it's only showing up as 1.99GB, anyone know what the problem could be?*

Is it he's just got the wrong hard drive, (and been conned) or has he partitioned it or something?

Seems a big difference to me!

Ta, Trish

Re: external hard-drive 80 80

Sounds like your friend formatted in FAT16, an old filesystem that was phased out after Windows 95, or his PC might not support large hard drives (which can be fixed with a BIOS option, update, or a utility from the hard drive manufacturer).

What PC does he have? Specifications and Operating System.

Re: external hard-drive 80 80

Someone did suggest that to them ;) they've finally managed it, at 1am this morning! :O apparently, she was trying to format it on her XP machine, and her hubby succeeded on his '98 system!

Thanks for replying!

Trish! :)

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