Last nite I was using my friend laptop when it decided to turn its self off...
When I powered the lappy back on it said the usually that XP wasn't shut down correctly. I choose 'Last know Good config' it then showed the compaq screen and then XP loading, Then for a split second an error message flashed up(1-2 seconds) about updating a password but it could'nt update because password was incorrect!! (I didn't type a word). It will then keep looping around.. compaq-XP - Error.
If I try runing in another mode the Laptop turns off after 2-6 seconds ?

Please Help !!


Andy :rolleyes:

Shutdowns on 700 series presarios are a common problem. Thermal transfer pad would be the first place to l;ook.. Check to see if its shorting atop the CPU. Then well work on getting it booted w/recovery


I was going to add to the thread "Presario 700 will not do anything", since I got the highly technical answer to my problem from that thread...but it has been closed by the guy/lady in charge.
Anyway my Presario 722US has been shutting down on its own for no apparent reason and when I tried re-booting it the green power light would come on but nothing else would turn on..fan, HD ect. Removing the battery and reinserting it seemed to help, until this last time. Yep it I'm sure that the CPU overheated and caused the connector to warp (of course I can not verify this) and cause the laptop to shutdown.
So here is the fix: a) remove all power (make sure that the power switch has been pushed so as to "park" the HD!!), b) disconnect all peripherals (printers ect.), c) close the laptop (travel mode), d) grab the laptop with both hands and with arms outstreched in front of you start shaking it violently (just like you would your teenage kid when you are trying to "drive" some sense in to them. Of course I'm just kidding :twisted: . e) re-connect power cable and turn it on...VOILA until the next time.

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