I need to get a new sound card as I am building a new PC from scratch but Im not sure what to get. Does anyone know of any really good reliable sound cards. Iv been looking at the Audigy 2 ZS platinum from creative labs and some reviews of it look good. Im looking to spend around £100 but I dont mind spending a bit more if I know its going to be a good one. :D
Any advice is very welcome.
Thanks in advance.

Honestly .. If you want a GOOD sound card get the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite. If you have the money .. get it. It will last you a long time .. and produces GREAT sound. If you can't spend that much .. just get the one your looking at.

Thanks for the advice on that card. The x-fi elite does look like a good card however slightly out of my price range. I was looking on the creative website and the one below the elite is the x-fi fatal1ty. This one is more in my price range. Would you say this is better than the audigy 2 zs platinum? Or is there not much difference for the price (the fatal1ty is about 50 quid more)?