About 3 weeks ago I got a new video card, an Nvidia Geforce 4 ti, made by Asylum (basically an unknown brand). At the same time as I installed it, I reformatted my computer. This all happened less than a week after Nvidia released new DetonatorXP drivers.

So I reformatted. And I reinstalled WinXP. And I installed these new Nvidia drivers. And since then my computer has periodically been just restarting itself due to a "bugcheck". Sometimes this happens when I'm in DirectX applications, while other times it's when I'm multitasking a lot. I kept thinking it was the latest drivers and that they were buggy or something. I really didn't have time to play around or tweak because I was very very busy with school and other stuff.

I just downgraded to the standard windows Nvidia drivers, and still the same thing. Which is making me think that it's the actual card. It seems like it's a bit too late to try for a refund or exchange. Do you think it could be anything else? (e.g. maybe just a bad Windows intall? Other software conflicts? etc)

When I go into the Event Manager it says "the computer has rebooted from a bugcheck" but nothing more detailed. Any ideas?

Try This Dani might help might not. Someone I know had the same problem well simliar.

What version of Direct X are you using?

Does this happen on all games or just that one game?

In the games does it happen with Direct3D instead of using OpenGL?

Have you updated Windows XP?? SP1 and other updates?

http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?IO=winxp-2k_41.09 you download new drivers for GeForce Card?

have you tryed Direct X 9?

Try all of those tell me what happenes

Doesn't just happen w/ DirectX. Happens all the time ... sometimes just when browsing the web! Happens more often when gaming though.

Yes, XP SP1. The latest version of DirectX. The latest GeForce drivers. :( I think I ran out of ideas ... it is the video card, isn't it? ugh

Nvidia won't help me either. I'm using some off brand manufacturer for the vcard. Nvidia is only driver-related. They'll just say to call the card manufacturer.

Aside from that, I'm still not perfectly sure that the video card is the problem at all. As I said, it started happening when I reformatted.

Does this problem happen on your other computers?

This does happen with other Operating Systems? Who is the maker VisionTek

The maker is Asylum (weird brand). Nope, just this PC since I reformatted and installed the card.

What type of computer is this? Does it have an onboard video adapter as well? If so, have you disabled the onboard adapter and/or selected NOT to allocate certain reserved memory to the onboard adapter?

If you remove the video card and test without it, do you still have the problem?

If not, then possibly it's the card or reserved memory address conflict which has to be disabled in bios.


It's a computer I built based on an AMD Athlon XP 1900+. Nothing in the system has changed except for the video card and a reformat (don't recall installing anything new or different although I might've), and it worked perfectly before the new card. Nope, no onboard video.

Right now it's constantly restarting itself, down to the point where it's barely functional. But I just bought a new processor and motherboard which are being delivered next week. So I'm not toooooo worried until I put the video card in the new "system" and see if it works. Only a week to go!

Hopefully it's not the card!!

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Quite unfortunately, my laptop does. But it's a few years old already. 'Nuf said.

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I don't understand what is so funny about my question. A LOT of manufacturers come with onboard video as standard now and adding a REAL video card is an option. I don't know what type of PC she is using so it seemed to be a reasonable question. You on the otherhand must smoke some heavy onboard weed... it wasn't really that funny. God forbid I tell a knock knock joke.... you'll drop dead reading it...

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Me either. I don't see the humor. Even if you had said you used a piece of wood as an adapter, I still wouldn't find it humorous. Any explanations?

Lots of stuff can cause random reboots. Since you've just did a fresh install of XP, that means a lot of things are suspect - not just the vid card.

Go into BIOS and disable ACPI (or whatever the Power Management is called in your BIOS version - like APM?).

I'm sure you've checked Device Manager for any problems noted for any device? Be sure to install the correct drivers for your Motherboard's chipset.

Make sure the AGP setting in BIOS matches your card - AGP2x, 4x, etc.

Boot into Safe Mode and see if the restarts happen there. Go to Start/Run, msconfig and experiment with disabling some startup apps to see if one of them is causing the problem.

Good luck,
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You seem to not have a sense of humor at all seriously loosen up

Me? How's that funny? If I paid $30 for a comedy show, and a comedian told a joke like that, I swear I'd throw a brick at him. ;)

Let's get ourselves back on track here. This thread started as trying to figure out why oh why my computer keeps restarting, which it still is doing. In fact, I bought Wheel of Fortune 2003, and my computer restarts halfway through the first round every single time! I can't play the game!!

In any case, let me go over Donk's suggestions. I am not sure if ACPI is disabled in the BIOS, but I'll check in a lil bit. I know that I don't let WinXP go into hibernate or sleep mode, but the monitor DOES go off after an hour of being idle. (From what I recall, the video card drivers take care of this).

Yeap, AGP is set to 4x, which is what my card is.

I hate playing around with "msconfig" disabling services and proggies that load on startup, but I'll take it into consideration as a last resort.

Thank you very much!!

Quote: inscissor Me? How's that funny? If I paid $30 for a comedy show, and a comedian told a joke like that, I swear I'd throw a brick at him.

Dude it is not a joke nor was ever a joke. I find it funny yes so what? what is the big deal? I dont understand what you guys are talking about any more seems like you guys got offened big time.

Why are you getting hostile? All we simply asked (at least I did) was what was so funny about it? Maybe it reminded you of something funny... maybe it didn't. Who knows. I was just asking politely. You're the one telling people we don't have a sense of humor. Relax man, no one is threatning you.

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Hi gal,
Yes, conflicts between the BIOS power management and Window's power management is a common cause of random restarts. So give a try to disabling PM in the BIOS. Also, go to Control Panel/Power Options and set everything to "never", just until you find out what's causing your prob.

The MSconfig thing is just something to try. Conflicts in programs don't usually cause restarts, but I guess it's possible. That's why I suggested Safe Mode. XP only loads the basic drivers and apps when in Safe Mode, so if you "don't" get the reboots in SM, then you might suspect that it is being caused by a program that is running in the background in normal mode.

Of course, then again, the whole thing "could" be being caused by the vid card. I've heard of such things. I guess you've scoured the manufacturer's FAQ's and support site for similar problems?

Good luck,

geday all , I have had the same problem Im not happy about it but this may fix your problem for a while try disabling your external cache. this has helped me but I would still like to fix the problem for good .in all honesty I think my cpu 1700xp is stuffed

As I said, I'm using an AMD Athlon XP as well, so it might be an AMD problem. In any case, the computer seems to be screwed up in other ways too ... as of yesterday I haven't even been able to get into Windows. I don't have the patience right now to deal with it (the tower is also making a grinding noise - possibly the fan, I don't know - which is scaring me when I even turn the machine on right now).

Well, as I'm pretty sure I mentioned already, I finally put together a new PC for myself (my treat to myself for getting all A's this past semester as well as for my surgery). And guess what? Same video card, same drivers, no problem! As a sidenote, this new PC (well, new CPU and motherboard technically) is a P4 as opposed to an Athlon XP. Maybe that has something to do with it?

Do you check to see if your power supply is going bad? Sometimes it's the littlest things.

Well, as I said in my previous post, I'm not having the problems anymore. I still never found out what the problem was. I am thinking that it was a problem with the AMD processor. I have an Intel now and it all works. I also swapped out power supplies - but I doubt that's the problem. I never had any other problmes with it. Who knows.

If you're chucking the old parts, I'll take 'em!



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