Hello guys!

Im Ron, I would like to ask....what would be a great System Unit or better a laptop that can handle softwares of art?Photoshop, animation, autocad,etc..???I'm thinking of buying PC or laptop that is used for gaming but i will not use it for that...Is that okay? Are Computer game COMPUTERS the best?

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Gaming-oriented computers tend to have high-end processors, video chip sets, and lots of memory. These are good things if you want a high-end development system. This is kind of what my company provides its software engineers for their laptops, a system with:

  1. An Intel i7 dual core 3.2GHz hyperthreaded CPU
  2. 8GB RAM
  3. Dual Intel/nVidia graphics processors
  4. 320GB HD
  5. 17" 1920x1080 full 1080p HD display

If I were playing games, this would be a really great system. However, since I do major software development on it, running cell phone emulators, multiple Linux virtual machines, and a load of office automation/communication tools, games are not on the menu (except maybe for an occasional Angry Birds session to work out frustrations!).

FWIW, this is a Lenovo laptop.

And I have NO idea what it costs the company! Bear in mind that we are a tier-one mobile phone manufacturer with 100,000+ employees. Compared to my salary, the system is chump change (probably about a week of what I earn).

Oww.thanks a lot sir! though I didn't get all what you said..XD...Lenovo Laptop...hmmm

You can try going for Dell XPS or a Alienware..
Alienware are the meanest gaming machines (From Dell) or you can go for the XPS series if you want pro. work
and gaming.
I own a XPS 15 with
1 GB NVIDIA graphics with Optimus
15" Full HD screen
640 GB Hard-Disk

just buy hp dm4 beats edition..it hve better spec...

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