Hi basically what happens this computer is when i turn it on, it loads to the windows 7 loading page (when the colours come togeather) and then it just randomly turns off. No hardware or software changes have been made and its not a virus because ive already scanned. so then i launch startup repair and it suggests doing a system restore but i said no and the pc restarted and it works now. This is the 2nd time this has happened. But no doubt this will happen tomorrow. It seems as if there might be dust iin the back of the computer making it overheat? please help! cheers!

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If it's dusty like you say then clean it out and see if there is any improvement!
I did a PC just the other day that kept shutting down, removing the dust (there was a lot of it) and replacing the thermal compound between CPU and heatsink had it running perfectly!

tyr with new spms

reinstal the window if doest work then repased the smps

What on earth do you mean? What are spms? I am a computer engineer and I have absolutely no idea what you are on about.

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do we need to brought old thread back alive?? just curious...

also, i also never heard of this spms. what does it do?

@ All

smps is now currently know as PSU ( Power Supply Units ) now. The term smps is rarely use.

@ Flagstar

Yes you are right. I see no point in reviving dead thread when the original poster have not come back for a long time. It just clutter up the thread. Spammes will take advantage of this, as above the spammer who posted the useless link.

Check your CPU fan, because if it is not working the computer suddenly turn off (not shutdown). But if it saves setting before sutting down then it is definitely a VIRUS. It might have infected your antivirus thats why it show no virus infection...

The problem is already solved stop posting solutions. No point continue posting in a thread more than half a year old.

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I would suggest run the Last known good configuration first.
This will load the previous working hardware profile.

If still the same problem, may need to check the CPU and GPU for the overheated issue.

Reseat the CPU and GPU may help.

Hope this helps!
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Sorry jingda, I just found myself again made a mistake, I forgot to check the original post is a year ago.

Will do the correction next time.

Best regads!

repleased the smps it will be fine

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