Hi all,

I guess this is old tech but I'd still appreciate any answer...

Can anyone tell me which is the best GFX card between the following...

A NVidia GeForce 6600GT 128MB DDR2 v an NVidia GeForce 7600GS 256MB DDR3.

I've tried Googling this question but cant find any satisfactory answer.

Again - Sorry about asking about old technology but if someone can help me with this it'll make my day...



Newer + more RAM == better. Go to the nVidia web site and their specs on all their boards will help you determine which is best/better for you. In any case, a GS 7600 is likely much better than a GT6600 as it has a lot more memory. I have a 3+ year old 8800GT board, and until you get to very expensive high end boards, it is as good as any newer ones, at a lower power consumption rating.

Well, I also using this graphics card and I am so well satisfied on it especially the about its attractive features.

OK- I'll be using the 7600 GS then.

Thanks for the prompt answers.



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