Ok so i just got the parts to build a whole new comp. My specs are

opteron 165
asus a8n sli
aspire 520w psu
evga 7900 gt
1 gig corsair xms

So heres the issue. This is my first time building a computer and i felt fairly confident i could do it without a problem. So i connect everything ( i had no esd strap but i grounded myself on my psu as frequesntly as i could). After everything is all set. I plug in the power supply, switch it on. I hear it squealing slightly ( not in a bad way i can just tell its running). I press the power on my case and nothing happens at all. I have checked all the jumpers to my power switch and such and as far as i can tell they are correct. Now a couple questions. Say i manage to fry my motherboard through esd or something. Would anything get power? the fans and leds and such would i see them light up? Also What else could i possible done wrong? i am almost positive the jumpers are correct, i even tried flipping the power one backwards incase i mixed up the power/ground on it. PLEASE help me.

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Unplug everything including jumpers. Leave cpu fan, and power to board plugged in.
use a screwdriver to turn on computer by touching restart pins. See if cpu fan turns on.


you should get power if you fry your mother board. the power led light shoud first start.
IF the led or what ever light your using does not work, if its COMPLETLY dead, then there is a power problem. I remember encoutering this problem a while ago, back in the day.

i'll look into it. FOr now, get a nice book on building computers.

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