i went to burn a CD, and i get this message

Burning the disc cannot proceed because the startup disc if full (error code -34)

b-b-but, my startup disc isn't full. i got a whoppin' 871.8MB worth to do whatever i feel like. in fact, when i got the earlier message i got rid of oodles of stuff, do i know i got more room then i had before, when i would burn discs with impunity.

i'm running 0S 10.2.8

i normally backup my stuff by just burning it to disc, too - so this really irratatin' me, lemme tell you.

any help would be much appreciated.


Good Morning,

It is possible that you are using your Startup disk for cache files before burning to the CD device. Programs like Toast will need an area of hard drive space to do housekeeping events before making the CD.

So, if you have 660 MB of CD Material + 120 MB of cache set, you are at 780 MB of need, plus whatever VM and the rest are doing.

You might need to go through and delete some files before you go any further on the project. You might also need to change volumes where the cache is located, and that could be difficult.

I am about to turn in for the night. Will check in the morning for a response.


geez... you turned out to be exactly right... i just erased even more stuff, and now everything is going swimmingly.

it's strange 'cause everything was working fine and i wasn't adding big files to my computer and it stopped working... i went through a big old file exodus and threw all sorts of crap away, so i had more room availible (or so i thought) then ever before... but then i went a threw even more stuff away after reading what you said (and i ever going to watch that video of the chimp that's trained to do kung fu again? - probably not, the first couple hundred times were enough)...

i guess i have to buy a new harddrive now, which seems to defeat the purpose of having a laptop (damn my 10,800+ ipod songs)...

thanks !



Glad to hear that things are working well for you now. If you find yourself with a larger hard drive, be sure to partition it so that you have some greater flexability. I always partion desktops into at least three partitions -- a System, a Data, and an Applications. That way, I can keep all my data in one location, can install and test things in an other, and isolate the System partition from use / abuse. I also move my swap file to other partitions, so that the System doesn't fill up.

Enjoy the songs.


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