Hi All,

I'm very helpless right now...
my notebook acer TravelMate4102W is dead.
Whenever i try to on my notebook, the power light in on. But nothing shown in the screen.
And normally i will need to press the power button around 5 second to force the windows shut down. But now i just need to press it and it will automatically shut down immediately.
Do anyone of you guy know the cause? Please help, thanks a lot.

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Remove power cord and anything else attached, take the battery out, insert power cord, and attempt to power up.

If it still does the same thing then it's usually the MOBO.

Remove anything else mean remove any attached device? I think dun have any attached device to my notebook...
Is it possible due to i shutdown my note book by pressing the power button 10 second while it is standby mode? How to recover it if i in this situation?

Lastly may i know what is MOBO?
Thanks a lot for reply me...

Yes, anything plugged into USB or network ports (or slots).

Shutting it down shouldn't have caused damage - but computers are funny things, and it might have. But it doesn't really matter now.

The MOBO is the motherboard.

If it is broken it will have to be replaced and if it isn't under warranty it could be expensive.

Thanks snowdog, i did following you instruction... but my notebook still remaining the same.... :(
It is really due to the MOBO problem and any otehr thing i can do for now?
I just wondering why the harddisk light is light on and also the fan is spinning... Please advise, thanks a lot.

Get it tested at a store just to be safe.

Some one on here had a fiddle with a similar problem yesterday and their's just started working again. I believe he disconnected the hard disk and reconnected it again. Maybe the HDD was just stuck and the handling unstuck it.

Computers shouldn't do this, and even if they DO suddenly start working again it is still a bad sign that they had the problem.

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