Hi, I just recently bought a new computer from customperfection.com they installed a WD rapter 74gb 10 000rpm drive and installed windows on it. It shows up in bios and works wonderfully.

The problem i am having is installing my old HD from my old computer which isnt working properly but has 40 gigs of important data on it that i cannot lose. I attached the IDE cables, and tried every single jumper setting i could think of, but still i CANT get it to show up in BIOS. Yet, when both drives are connected it continues to try to boot up off of the old HD which just freezes when it starts loading windows. No matter what combination of jumper settings i try i cannot get my system to reconize the old HD in bios. If i could get it to show up, i would be able to change the boot priority to the first HD and disable booting off of the second. I dont know what to do anymore guys, iv spent hours trying everything. I CANNOT FORMAT THE OLD HD!! I simpley need it to reconize in the damn computer so i can transfer my data over, and then ill format and everything will be dandy.

Can anyone help?


You can't just think of jumper settings, you need to find the right one. BIOS doesn't care what YOU tell it to do, it starts with the hardware level which is the cable and the jumpers. Make sure the slave HDD is plugged into the middle connector on the IDE cable, and please look up your HDD's model on the OEM's website to locate the correct jumper settings for slave or cable select.