Well i was having trouble with my default monitor which is 17' CRT (1280x960 75 Hz) so i swapped it with a 15' CRT running at 800x600 85 Hz.

Well the 15' started going fuzzy and the contrast went down, so i swapped back the default monitor while still running on the desktop (note; i did not do any restarting between the swapping)

i changed back my resolution everything and everything was find, until i rebooted :cry:

first thing i noticed is that the booting process (including brand display and windows logo) had adopted the defects of the 15' monitor, i.e. blurry, out of contrast and not fitted properly on the screen.. but the problem only exsist there and not on the logon or desktop.

i did everything i could think of including; reinstalling the monitors driver and g-card's drivers..
but it only displays right on the 15 now :cry: so, i've concluded that the settings might have been transfered or something

This problem never happened before and it's really bugging me, any suggessions?

Are you unable to change the resolution to the higher one of the 17" monitor?

i'm not sure what you're asking but the 15' max rez' is 1024x768 at 60Hz
and the 17' max is 1280x1024 60Hz
the desktop is fine but the booting process is messed up on the 17' but shows normal on the 15'
it's like if my PC was configured for it