Sorry this is not much of a conversation point. I've bought two seagate 19 gig cheetah drives off e-bay over the last couple of months, for my ageing but lovely 7300/200. I got a connector thing with the first one (and its working fine). My first dumb question is what exactly would that thingy be called (and where can i buy it cheaply); the second (probably dumber) can i get a pci lvd controller for my system, & if so would it make any real difference.
Thank you for your time - whoever reads this

Question 1:
It's called a converter. If you're talking 80-pin SCA to 50-pin, it should work fine. You can get them on ebay for under $10 US, shipped, even. I've got an 80-pin to 68-pin adapter on a 10,000RPM Ultra SCSI drive, and it's pretty nice, I must say.

Also, you probably would do well to pick up an LVD controller. I'm not entirely sure what the speed increase would be, but it's bound to spank the internal SCSI controller, since it's only Wide SCSI-2.

Thanks Alex - thats very helpful.
all the best

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