I recently connected a crt monitor to an old rig. It works fine up till after the windows boot screen (ie. logon)...where it loses its picture and is black. Turning it on then off will make a big "No Signal" Show up! I can get into the PC however when I use VGA mode (F8, like safe mode which also works). I have got the latest forceware in vga mode and still no good in normal boot! Also change the res or depth in VGA mode will cause the screen to go black and the light orange!!! what must I do to make it work...or get a res. above 1024x768 in VGA mode?

btw...the gfx card on this system is a ABIT siluro Geforce 2 MX440

thanks in advance

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It sounds like you've set a resolution and/or refresh rate the monitor cannot support so it is forced to drop into standby mode. Find out what refresh rates it supports (perhaps start with 60Hz for the moment - you can try out higher rates later with Windows switching back after 15 seconds) for the resolution you want and change the setting in safe mode (refresh rates are changed under Display Properties->Settings Tab->Advanced Button->Monitor Tab). If that doesn't work, try uninstalling the video drivers in safe mode, reinstalling after a normal Windows boot and then changing the display options before restarting.

thanks buddy...but its all been done before. 60hz is the only mode it supports, and i can only change the res in safe mode.

i have also done the un/re-install drivers routine for the monitor and gfx card and nothing!

Is this Windows XP? What model is your monitor?

Windows XP pro.

Hyundai Imagequest V770

i have also tryed with an old Packard Bell monitor!

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