My Toshiba Satellite P755-S5265 has been acting strangely lately. Whenever I start it up, it starts up and goes all the way up to the windows 7 screen, with the symbol that has the 4 colors. However, after that my mouse shows up and that's all that shows. It's basically a blank, black screen mouse with it.
I have a one year warranty that was included with the laptop that expires in 3 months. Should I use this warranty and go back to Office Depot for them to fix it...or should I use my recovery disk to fix it?
I'm not sure if the warranty will help as I heard bad things..any advice would help.
Thank you!

I would assume that your warranty is for hardware failure. If you take it to them, they may check it out and if the HW is Ok, they will just run te recovery CDs.

If you have them you can do te same. A Windows repair may work but I would prefer the recover CDs.

Before you do either, you may want to boot into safe mode and do a system restore to a point in time where the OS was working.