I have a Gateway MA7 MX5669 running Windows 7 that will power up but the only activity that can be seen is the CD Rom and the hard drive startup for a few seconds. I tried a trick that I read about where you press the 'on' key down for 60 seconds with the battery removed and then plug it in. It is supposed to bleed off some residual charge in the PC but it did not work for me.

I removed reinserted and then removed the two 1gb memory sticks. No beeps nothing different than before. I have hooked the laptop up to an external monitor.
Nothing. All the usual power lights are on and the fan is running as normal. It is as if the normal bootup got truncated after about 5 seconds.
I am thinking it is the motherboard because of not hearing any beeps when I removed the memory but I am also wondering if it is possible it could be something else like the video card. I would be very happy for it to be the video board.

What I am wondering is if anyone can tell me where I might go from here to determine what the issue is.

Thanks very much,
Jim Lee

A client of mine had the same problem on his HP ToughBook tablet computer. Nothing would bring it back. The only conclusion is that the system is fubar. The drive was ok and I was able to use my Linux system to backup his data files, but nothing would bring the tablet back to life (running Windows Vista). We could not even access the BIOS and run the restore partition. Since it is out of warranty (1 year - 2 years since purchased with no extended warranty), it will be cheaper to replace than to repair.

I would be very happy for it to be the video board.

very few laptops have changeable video board ,usually just really expensive gaming laptops

Ok, Well the issue looks like you have a motherboard issue. You should replace it or repair that yourself but the computer will keep on having this issue over time it will become more and more Frequent. You can still get into your files by click the screen switch button witch make your screen refresh. So you can boot in safe mod. You need to do it a few seconds arfter the boot started. (i mean when you click the button).

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