Hello, am currently facing an issue with my computer. As soon as I switch on, my fans (CPU and Chassis) go into "overdrive", and there is no hard disk light except that it lights up for about 1 second and then goes blank. My power light remains on thou, but nothing is shown on my screen at any point in time (no message to enter BIOS etc), with the monitor power light blinking green.
Anyone with previous experience can help me troubleshoot where the problem lies? Unfortunately I do not have any spare materials to test my system by replacing the current parts.

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I would suggest that you unplug the hard drive and any other "non-essential" device from the motherboard. Try booting the system with the minimum (CPU and RAM) to see if you can get into the BIOS. Does the computer "beep"? If so, you can look up the beep codes to figure out the issue.

well it it may help to know what brand and chipset, if you know,
the hardware gurus (I'm not one I cant remember exactly what I was told just a few months ago to get my laptop booting again) may be able to tell you what keys to hit to enter bios even when fastboot without display is selected,

I will try as suggested to see what happens and give a feedback, unfortunately there is no internal speaker installed so no beeps whatever to help me there

Its an Asus P5BVM mobo, with a 3.4GHz Intel Pentium D

So after unplugging my hard disks, I booted the PC, and after some tries, it gave me this message:

CMOS Settings wrong. Overclocking failed! Please enter Setup to re-configure your system. Press F1 to enter Setup. Press F2 to load default values and continue.

I entered Setup, however as soon as I saved and exit, the PC switched off, and then started up again by itself. I also left it around 5 minutes on the CMOS settings wrong screen, the fans speeds went up, and it switched off by itself and started up again, and came back on the same screen.

Sounds like its overheating? When you go into the CMOS, did you restore to defaults?

Ya indeed as if the system is overheating but it just been switched on. I restored the values to default in BIOS, but as soon as I saved and exit, the system just powered off, and then came back on by itself after a couple of seconds.


any idea what could be wrong in my case? I managed to make the PC boot and load Windows, but after shutting down for a couple of hours, when I started it again was faced with the previous problem

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