My sisters laptop has had overheating problems so we took the back cover off one night and unscrewed the CPU fan which had I guess the heat sink connected and was covering the proccessor.all I did was turn the proccessor screw thing and took out the proccessor to look at it.I put it back in and tightened it and when we finished cleaning the fan and vents.I hooked the Computer back up with heatsink and CPU fan back when u start it up the proccessor within 2 minutes gets to an increible tempature! the heatsink burnt my hand and only from running 2 mins.before that the computer would boot and run for atleast couple hours:now I can't even get past windows boot before it restarts itself.what did I do to the worked fine before I took it out for a minute.I don't get it at all.I use to build desktop computers I built my own and I've never expierenced this problem tho it's my first time working on a someone please.

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did you clean off old compund and install new heatsinc compund before reasemble

If the CPU is not overclocked, it shouldnt overheat if you have compound between the CPU and heatsink. If there is a fan over the heatsink, make sure its actually spinning.

No -.- I guess that would be should I clean the goo off? And where can I get some more to put on?thanks guys

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