I woke up this morning to a white screen monitor.. I shut down my computer and it just turns off no wait time. I turned the pc back on and got no signal from the monitor. I swapped out video cards to no avail, the mobo light is on, the video card fans were both running I checked cables for connection everything seems fine.. CPU fan is turning power supply is obviously working.. I haven't switched monitors yet. When the computer is running I don't hear start up sounds from windows or skype. But the video cards appear to be working, it would be more than a coincidence for them to both be dead... And they both were receiving power but really I dont know if that means anything... Boy I'd really love some insight :( please

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only thing i have to add is that older power supplies can boot fans and stuff but because of problems within they don't have enough power to boot the computer fully ,seen many of them do that over the years

I would definitely try swapping monitors, just to try and eliminate that as a problem. I agree with caperjack about the older power supplies... but perhaps your OS was doing updates and downloaded an incompatible driver or something. If your system has onboard graphics, try taking out your video card(s) and trying the onboard to see. If you get picture with the onboard, just check when the last update was, and if it was around the time your screen went white, try restoring to an earlier point in time. Good luck

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