I've an Acer Aspire 5739g laptop. I've opened my screen(my laptop's own monitor) to check my wireless cables because my wireless does not work and I thought may the cables be damaged in the screen but they were not. So I closed the screen again. Only thing I did was pulling the screen to myself a little to see what's backwards of it, and plug of webcam and microphone cables. I didn't plug of any screen cables. After everything is connected again, I tried to open my pc but only thing I see was pure white screen (no black , no color). Actually everything except screen is working. Fan, hdd, sound. Without seeing anything I opened pc, even entered my password and log in to windows and confirmed with sound.
I've searched online about this issue and I've tried those;
-plug of power supplies (ac and battery)
-plug of rams
-plug of the small flat battery near the rams
any of them didn't work for me
Any help is appreciated
Thank you

You need to open it up again and make sure the ribbon connector to the back of the screen is in correctly. A white screen is caused by a bad connection, not by ram or bios!

Thank you very much
But I don't know what a ribbon connector is? Can you describe it or find a photo for me ?

Ah, I've found what it is, but I've already checked to plug out and re plugin it , it still doesn't work.

I recently had an Acer with this same issue.

It turned out to be an issue with the LCD controller/Inverter board.

If you can get an external (VGA/HDMI) display working that would confirm the Video card, RAM, etc are OK.