I'm running a refurbished Gateway PC, Windows 7, KDS flatscreen LCD monitor, graphics adapter is an Intel G45/43 Express chipset.

My problem is quite simple. At random intervals ranging from a few seconds to nearly twenty minutes, regardless of what I'm doing or if I'm doing nothing at all, my monitor shuts all the way completely off. As off as if it were unplugged. I have to mash the power button a dozen or so times before it will turn back on. I've had it turn on after one push and turn off again in under a second. I've had it turn on again and stay on for nearly a minute after just moving the mouse. Most of the time, it takes a bunch of mashing the power button to come back on and lasts for about 3-5 minutes.

I ran AGV and it detected a trojan. After removing it the problem went away for nearly twenty minutes. Another scan shows the trojan is still gone. My power settings are set to wait a half an hour before turning off the HD, go to sleep after NEVER, wait an hour before turning off the display, wait a half hour before turning on the screen saver, and so far none of this seems to have worked. I've tried installing the newest drivers for my graphics chipset, but it says I don't have the minimum system requirements. I've looked at the minimum system requirements, and near as I can tell it's a boldface lie to say I don't have those requirements. I have 2 Gigs of RAM, I'm running windows 7, it requires enough space in the hard drive to install the drivers, and I have 196GB available for it, and it says I have the graphics chip that I need to have installed installed and working. Windows troubleshooter says my drivers for the chipset are up to date and working perfectly.

And yes I checked the plug. It's the first thing I checked. The connection is solid, so solid it's actually difficult for me to remove the cord from the back of the monitor, and there's no signs of corrosion. It doesn't appear to be overheating, and the PC works fine through all of it. Sound plays and everything works while the monitor is off.

It's shut off ten times while writing this message. The most recent time the LED was blinking green while I was mashing the power button to get it to come back on. But this one has an orange LED for standby, so I don't think it's standby.

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Update it just went into some wierd mode (hybernation or sleep, IDK) with the monitor off and the green LED blinking on and off. It went into this mode, and I shook the mouse to get it back, and it went back into that mode about five times in under a minute. I thought I set it up to never sleep and never hybernate and wait and hour before shutting off the monitor. What gives?

you need to change the power plan of the monitor from display properties to monitor sleep to never.

If you still think its left over malware, try booting the booting the computer using a Linux bootable disk. Watch it for a while. If your pc shuts off, it's likely to be a hardware issue.

If only happens with that Windos instance, unless you are not familiar with those power plan settings, it may be undetected malware.

I always compare time vs results. Rather than investing too much time with anti-malware troubleshooting, you may consider going with a fresh install.

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