Hie Team,

i am doing developmnent for a pos terminal with wifi modem and my question goes like this:
May someone help me with the correct sequence that i must use to connect to a WPA2-PERSONAL network.
I have some commands and and i dont know what sequence i must be using to get a success full conection. some of the commands say it an invalid input and return an error.

Could someone tell me which commands should i use(from the 4 listed below) in WPA2-PERSONAL NETWORK and in what order?


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sorry, but i am not getting feel that it has anything related with C . isn't it ?

nitin1 is correct, the question is not c or c++ related, but how to use a modem.

I am developing this project in C i dont know if someone could help me

What operating system are you running? If Linux, the operating system has tools to do this, such as wpa_supplicant, etc. In such a case, you don't need to deal with the connection issues in your application software, just the communication part. The operating system will connect you once configured. Then, you will have a presence on the local network and can use normal TCP/IP communication protocols to talk with other systems.

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