I am getting repeated HDD error reported by the RAID systems. I am getting the HDDs replaced via warranty but this is happening too frequently tht I am thinking that something else is wrong. I have had about 5 HHDs failures in the last 4 weeks. As soon as I have rebuild one drive in the RAID 5 set up, the next one fails. It is not always the same port each either.

I have RAID0 with 2 x 1Tb WD drives for the O/S and RAID5 with 4 x 640 Gb WD drives for the data. All drives are SATA II. I use the Intel RAID controller which reports the disk read error and indicates to replace the drive. It is happening for both the RAID0 and RAID5. Could a fault with the motherboard be causing this problem?

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Can you please try the following: Add one additional SATA disk to your system that is larger than your existing disks on one of the unused ports. This should let you get into the rebuild wizard, but once you're in the rebuild wizard, select the drive that you really want to rebuild to. I expect this will get around this issue. Please let me know if it works.

Is there any problem with the data itself ?
you may contact this website and they will diagnose this problem for free, either its data problem or not. www.raid-recovery-online.com

I think that I have solved the problem by replacing the motherboard. so far I have not had any problems. Although, it has only been few days this is better with the old MB.
I replaced a Gigabyte 965P-Ds3P with Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P. Something that may have contributed to the problem may be up grading the bios. I recently upgraded the bios to allow me to go from 2 Gb to 8 Gb of RAM. This was shortly prior to this problems starting. Only guessing here.

Thank you for the contributions.

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