Dear all,

I formated my pc and re-installed my computer with installation CD, I press F6 and it ran, but hang at loading PCI...so I press the reset button. Now, when I power on the computer, it shows light in front of the case, motherboard led light is on, power supply and cpu fan running...It just seems like the computer is running as normal...but the problem is it did't beep and nothing was shown on the monitor (not even blinking line, just blank black with flashing monitor light indicate power is on).
I replaced the Cmos battery; press F2 to enter bios, but it wont work and remain black. The DVD rom is working fine (i guess as it lighted up indicating read cd when I insert one), but the floppy seems not working. The monitor has tested on another computer and is working fine. The keyboard also not working. I also unplugged my display card and plug the monitor into the on board Intel Extreme Graphics Card, it also won't work.
Now I cant get in to bios and not even boot up from windows installation CD and diskette...pls HELP...:-|
OS: Win XP Pro (SP2)
H/D: Maxtor diamond plus SATA 80GB
CPU: P4 3.0 GB
Ram: PC3200 256 MB x2, 512 MB x1
Display: ATI Radeon 9200 128
M/board: Intel D865GBF
Sound: On board (Soundmax)
Network card installed but no activity

Thanks a lot...!

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Done done done....all solved after I changed my power supply!:cheesy:

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