undefinedRecently i intstalled WINDOWS 2K Pro and since then my sound card hasnt been working please help me!!!

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What does Device Manager look like?

More than likely, you need to install a driver for the sound card. What type of system/sound card is it?

^wut he said...drivers. W2k is great...minus the fact that it comes preloaded with just about 0 device drivers...

its the worst when you can't find your ethernet card drivers with W2k and then your really SOL...no online = no drivers for you

I have a Creative Labs CT4810. I have tried to install drivers and i get a message saying i dont have the card installed. Isnt thats what the driver is for?

the drivers tell the computer what to do with the hardware (what it is, how it works, etc)

possibly your hardware is broken?

have you tried moving the soundcard to another PCI bay? that fixed it with a friends computer when i did it, have a go and see if it helps

my sound card is plugged in but wont show up on dxdiak , sound and audio devices or device manerger, was workint this same morning but now not? windowns xp home sp2 dunno wat the sound card is. any advice ? (card has oo name on and came with the 2nd hand computure so no box)

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