Hi people. Another wee problem hope you guys can help again. I recently bought a 256mb ATI RADEON 9600pro (encore edition). I installed the graphics card to play Battlefield 2 with which it ran fine for a month or so. My pc developed some crashing problems and I had to use the recovery program. I have reinstalled the latest drivers and all updates to the XP operating system. Now I have developed a graphics card problem. There is no error message, just a blue or multi coloured screen.

Microsoft on line crash identified a driver problem with the card, but I am running the latest version. I have reduced hardware aceleration slightly and the crashes are less frequent, but this plays havock with the cursor display. As i bought a packard bell the only software and drivers I received were on the hard drive, so a full reformat is not possible ( unless there is a way to get the drivers and windows xp onto dvd....

Can anyone recomed a fix as ati and microsoft dont seem to have an answer apart from reinstall drivers or a hard drive format.



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Hi Steven

I have a couple of ATI cards and have not had very many problems with them. The ATI manuals stress that you need to remove the old video drivers before installing the ATI drivers. Also, the motherboard's AGP drivers (assuming and AGP card install) should be upgraded if the video card is newer than the motherboard.

Have you done this? Other than a failure problem with the ATI card, almost all of these problems seem to be related to drivers. If you just install new drivers, sometimes there are conflicts with the old drivers. It is better is you get rid of the old drivers first.


hi. cheers for that. I think it is purely a driver problem. anyone got any advice on updating motherboard drivers and removing all ATI drivers? Would I still be able to see the display to change settings if I removed the ATI drivers?




When I have removed ATI drivers to do an upgrade the display drops into VGA mode, so you can still see the display and make changes.

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