i have this question which some had asked before...but i'm still confuse
i bought a new H/D and want to connect it to the PC so i get 2 H/D...
so i have an old IBM 40 GB H/D
a new Western Digital ATA100 200GB
so now i have them set out as
Master - 40GB H/D connected to middle slot of IDE cable
Slave - DVD drive connected to the end of IDE cable

Master - WD 200GB connected to middle slot of IDE cable
Slave - DVD RW connected to the end of IDE cable

and both set to DMA....
is this right.....as the second h/d becomes slow....
Running WIN2000

what should i do....

should i switch back to
HDs on Primary
and DVD on Secondary
and fix the IDE cables to this description
The connector farthest from the motherboard should be connected to the master device and the middle connector should be connected to the slave

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This config is OK (2 HDs 2 Chanels). Only flaw is that it is Western Digital ATA100 200GB.
Look at this and all will be clear:


Read the comments.

Regarding the speed, you should pay attention to the bios settings, (transfer mode setting...if auto change to highest supported), and settings in device manager, (actualy, ide controller properties, also transfer mode setting).


why not just bin the smaller older HDD and have 2 opticasls on one channel and it on the other

If I understand correctly 1st channel (new) HD and 2nd 2 opticals.

It doesn't matter (if there is 1 hd used) if the opticals are both on one channel or not. Only thing that would have to be changed is jumper settings on one of the opticals (1 master and 1 slave).
Allthough I would advice 1 hd,1 optical on 1st channel and 1 optical on 2nd, considering future upgrade (hd installation). That way no jumpers have to be cahnged. (optical is allways slave unless there are 2 opticals on single channel)

If there were 2 hd's used, a wise configuration would be 1 hd per channel 'cos the way the IDE controller works.
This way the data transfer rate between 2 hd's would be higher.

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