Hi all having a little bother here with my serial ATA drive. All was fine until 2 days ago. i have a dual partition setup on my serial sata 300 gig hd. prt 1 is 100 gig and prt 2 200 gig all fine, now window encountered a problem as it does and all i wanted to do is repair the 1 parttition, easy enough but there is one hitch. i copied all the sata driver on to a floppy (just as you do when you install it on a fresh and first install) and booted win xp from cd then pressed F6 to install editional driver (scsi, sata, etc) all works.

now when i get to the partitioning screen during the win xp pro installation, it sees only one partition, yeah you got it. windows does not recognize the second partition and loosing it is not an option, it only see the sata as one HD and not one split into two. installing a second hd and puting windows on it has no bearing ( i have done this, for those of you who say try it anyway) as it not a hd problem more a recongition issuse. look thought the bios and cant see what needs changing if anything.

Has anyone else had this problem? and if so how did u solve it?. i will keep this updated as of when i solve it but for now i am a little bamboozeled.

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If setup recobnises one partition of 300Gig size, it's possible the partition table is corrupt. If that's the case, attach the HD to another working computer, and use a data recovery prog to recover your data. Most importatnly, don't perform any writes on the HD till you recover the data.

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