i have a pretty annoying problem on one of my computers that has me stumped. perhaps one of you experts can help :)

my windows desktop seems to blink every 5-10 seconds. only the desktop itself (the background & icons) blinks - not the applications. so if an app is running in full screen mode, you wouldn't even see it.

i have tried swapping the monitor out and it seems to do the same thing. i'm trying to scrounge up an extra vid card to rule that out, but i have my doubts about that too since only part of the creen is blinking.

in retrospect, this has been coming on for a while. it is just so frequent now that it's driving me nuts.

am i missing anything obvious?

thanks in advance,


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Try switching active desktop off:


If you get a script error or antivirus prevents you from executing this file, right click on it and choose save as...then double click the file after download.

Kellys Korner is a very respectable site on the internet so please feel free to check it out before you execute the script.


Oh...if active desktop doesn't work..try removing the drivers from the card (uninstall in device manager) then download new drivers for your card and install them. Let us know how it works out.

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