I just recently registered on this website as i have a problem. i used to have a nvidia geforce 5700 graphics card and i just recently updated to a nvidia geforce 7600 PCI-express graphics card and a 2.8ghz ASUS motherboard. All of my games worked fine before i got these two but i figured id step it up a little bit to improve my gaming. But two of my games started glitching, Battlefield 2 and Black and White 2, here is a screenshot
(Black and White 2) http://img228.imageshack.us/my.php?image=glitch1ik0.jpg

and BF2 is the same thing, anyone have any ideas to fix it? :eek:

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Have you checked for an updated drivers for your 7600? Have you changed the display adapter within the bios from agp to pci-x?


i think its the adapter cus i know i have the latest driver. gunna change it right now :)

how do i change the adapter >.<

how do i change the adapter >.<


This problem looks familiar; a programmer on another board that I visit was complaining that he got "polygon soup" (which looked just like this) when he used a certain OpenGL function on NVIDA cards, but on ATI cards, there was no problem. It hasn't been resolved yet.

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