There is a beep coming from what I believe to be my sound card. It's been going on for several days now, and seems to get slightly worse every day. The beeping is constant, as long as my computer is plugged in. Whenever I talk over the internet people tell me there is a loud beeping sound that covers up my voice. If anyone has any ideas on how to help they would be greatly appreciated :D.

Hi nm1234, and welcome to Dani Web.

I know that the people at this site are good, but we are not psychic. :rolleyes:

Care to share with us what make and model your computer is????

Usually beep codes come from the motherboard, look in you user's guide and see what is written regarding this. If you don't have the user's guide you can either google for it or provide us with enough information to be able to help you.

we are not psychic. :rolleyes:

Guess I will look elsewhere if that is the case!

I will get right on finding the info for you when I get the chance.

And how come whenever I hit the apostrophe it brings up the find thing all of a sudden!


is the model I know... let me know what else you need!

Oh, and some info on the beep... Its more like a whistle.... If you have ever been to the dentist to get a cavity filled, they use that fast spinny thing on your teeth.... Sounds a lot like that.

Why not pop the case and see where the noise is coming from.

The Dell site has all of the beep codes and LED codes, but has nothing for a constant high pitched whine.

I can't seem to find where the whistle is coming from, it's decently loud and the sound reflects off the sides of the case which makes it sound like it's coming from all of them it seems. When I get home today I'll take another look!

It would seem I have found and solved the problem! It was the power supply. So I pulled out my older one and plugged it in.... No more whistling! Thank you for your concern :)

It would seem I have found and solved the problem! It was the power supply. So I pulled out my older one and plugged it in.... No more whistling! Thank you for your concern :)

Acctually I'm having the same problem and I'm certain it's my power supply. The only issue I have is that my old psu is a 300 watt, and the one I'm currently using is a 400 watt. What should I do?, the sound isn't horrable, it just makes me think that something is wrong.

Let me start from the beginning, I put a new Radeon X 1300 pro 256 ddr2 graphics card in my rig. I fired up my favorite game WoW and I began to hear the wistle. I hasn't gotten any worse, and it only happens when I play that game or do any thing like change a page tab. The card works great but it's my PSU that has me scared. I thought since the card obviously uses more power than my old card , that the PSU is just trying to compensate for all the power being used. Please some one put my mind at ease.

Is the fan in the PSU speed controlled?

Is the fan in the PSU speed controlled?

I don't think so, I mean I don't have anything that would control the speed of the fan ie Speedfan if that's what you mean. My PSU is a Antec Smart Power 2.0, 400watt Atx 12v 2.0. It has two fans, 1 to pull air in and 1 to push hot air out. Half the time the 2nd fan isn't on cause my case stays very cool, My hard drive alone stays at about 32-34 degrees. I've also thought about the fact that this graphics card is a PCI-E, I wonder since I've never used this slot in my rig before, if that's why the noise is being made... I mean mabey this sort of thing needs to be broken in? In anycase I egarly await a response, Thankyou

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