Hi to you all, i hope someone can help ive got a iQon Intel Celeron desktop pc, with 512mb RAM. 160gb Hard Drive running on windows xp. ive switched it on and the monitor wont work apart from the power light blinking green, i tried a different monitor and that had the same results so im assuming it has something to do with the hardware, i also noticed that when i switch the pc on i can hear it start up but no lights are on on the keyborad. or mouse, Please help :cry:

It is likely your power supply went out. If you have a spare, switch it out and see if it works. If it still does the same thing, it could mean you have a dead processor, or motherboard. But start by testing the power supply.

Thanks for you quick reply, well i managed some how to boot up my pc with a bootable cd, but before it got to the windows desktop it displayed the following, verifying DMI pool data and thats where it stayed nothing else happened, so i decided to format it which went fine windows xp loaded fine but then yesterday the same thing happed but this time i was playing a game when monitor turned off and green light started flashing. i hope i didnt make things worse by formatting it :rolleyes:

That error is indicative of a hardware problem, but you'll have to do some troubleshooting to determine the exact culprit. The links on the first page of this Google search will give you several suggestions; try them and let us know the results.

Thanks for the links i shall have a quick look before bed!! :eek: i will let you no how i get on
Thanks again

OK- repost when you can; we'll be here...

:cry: Hello all, im back and still trying to resolve my computer problems, i decided to buy a new graphics card to see if this was the problem but no its made no difference, the one thing i have noticed is when i turn my computer on i can hear the fans the power light is on but the keyboard don't seem to be working and there are no beeps when switching on. Any other ideas on what i could try next would be great.
Thank You.

Any other ideas on what i could try next would be great.

The pages in the Google search link in my last post have many troubleshooting suggestions; please try as many of those as possible and let us know the full, exact, and detailed results.

A word of advice before you dive in, though:
Be aware that the DMI Pool error is (with the exception of corrupted boot files) indicative of a low-level hardware problem, and the error itself is generated by the BIOS, not by the operating system software. This means that unless you are comfortable with and familiar with troubleshooting at a hardware/BIOS level, your safest bet would be to get someone qualified/experienced to help you out. It's easy to overlook something as simple as a broken pin on a data cable's connnector; and just as easy to make a (wrong) change in the BIOS which makes matters worse.