My problem is I play lineage 2 online mutipler game. I am getting a low fps, and its not from my connection, cause my ping is pretty low. A friend I play with is also running 6600GT card and he is getting 60fps. I am getting about 14-25 fps depending which area I am in. My friend is running 2 gigs of ram instead of 1 gig. My PC setup is as follows,

P4 HT 3.6Ghz
Crucial DDR PC 3200 1Gig
GigaByte Dual PCI-E Graphics board
Geforce 6600GT 128mb card

I am currently only running one of these PCI-E cards, but my question is, should I go up to 2gigs of ram, or get the other 6600GT to combine the cards?

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C'mon Amida. Ur PC is too strong to bump the LA2 up to the sky (maybe to the zeus) :cheesy:. I guess that some trojan or virus or something like that installed in ur system. Let some trojan remover or antivirus soft (trojan killer, NAV,... ) do its work. And check that the drivers are installed correctly. ;)

Accutally I checked for virus's and found none. I even reformated and I have redone my whole system, still the same problem.

i don't think more ram or another card will help
and definitely not cost effective

i would try another game if you have HL2 / Doom3 something fairly modern see if you still have that problem

if you do then you definitely have something on the computer a Trojan, massive amounts of spyware, maybe a bunch of other applications open
what ever it is will only hog more ram if you add more in

try checking device manager
msconfig process library

I already killed almost everything in Msconfig, no spyware, no virus's. This computer is completly clean. I tried other games that are online and I get a similar affect. Games the are offline only have a little trouble. But when I max out Doom 3 the fps is still not that great.

do you have AAx4 or 6 turned on?
how do you connect to the internet?
and what are the other online games that have problems?

not sure what you mean by, do you have AAx4 or 6 turned on?
I play guildwars, WoW, and RYL these are the games with similiar problems. My internet connection is a cable modem, with a 33 ping.

AA is anti aliasing and there is an option for it in your video card drivers
2 quick things you can try
start the game up and check task manger
see whats hoging up the resourses CPU/ram while its running
in your graphics diver you should have a performance / quality adjustment try setting it all the way to the performance side

magusdf are right.
@Amida: Maybe your system has some problem ( wrong config, or OS with wrong installation, or head sink fan do not fit with the core,...). U need to recheck and reinstall them :-?.
My PC:
P4 2.4GHz bus 533
VGA Giga Ge4 MX440 64MB

It can run 3 account LA2 at the same time w/o anyproblem ;)

what watt psu do you have? It maybe chokeing by not enough power...just an idea

It is not the components that are the issue (at least, it's not that your system isn't powerful enough to handle L2), there is some other problem at work. I have an AMD Athlon XP 2600+, 1GB DDR333, and a geForce 5500 128MB AGP, and the game runs smooth as silk for me.

You may think that your machine is clean, but that is not always so easy to determine.

There's a good chance that you have configured your machine incorrectly in BIOS. If so, this will have severely reduced the performance of your machine.

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