I think we should all get together and boy cott Emachines, they should own up to their name, I really boasted about my Emachine, thought it was so great, until I found out my mother board was leaking too, when I couldnt start up my computer I took a look inside and low and behold there was leakage and its only 2 years old, I contacted emachines and their suggestion was to buy one of their motherboards at $175.00 and I would loose everything on my hardrive and I have a lot of stuff there that I just didnt want to loose, I think the motherboards on the W2888's are defective because I'm reading here and it seems like i'm not the only one with the problem, Shame On You Emachines! I just wish I could do something about it, I cant afford to go out and buy another computer......:cry:

I replied to another thread about this - there IS a known issue with eMachines and dodgy PSU/mobo combinations.

You quite possibly need both replacing, and the keyboard may also be damaged.