Problem with an emachines 770! It is P4 and I've heard of problems like this sadly :(

I have looked in-side and the graphics card is out (It has on-board), so I tried to boot it up and nothing not even the CPU Fan was on :eek:

After futher investigation I found what was wrong with the fan and sorted it, then tried...... nothing!
So I installed a new PCI graphics card....... nothing! :(
THe fans are whizzing away but nothing happens on-screen! What is happening?

I have tried the CMOS Clear too :sad:

Did this problem recently occur? If so, what happened prior to the problem?

Has this system ever worked for you?

Hi, thanks for replying.... :o

The computer worked very recently, perfectly. Then It stopped working!
The previous owner tole me this and then he had sent it off to the repair centre to get checked out...
They said that it was going to cost over £500 to fix, so he gave it away! To me :mrgreen:

Anyway, I have now isolated the problem at the Processor or the motherboard!

I took everything out, leaving just the processor, mobo and Power Supply in. So I tried to run it and no front lights came on but the fan was spinning away!!

It has an on-board graphics system so that's how it could work! I also tried it with a PCI graphics card but same effect!

(I left a 256mb Stick of DDR RAM in it ;) )

So it looks like the Proc. is dead :(

Possibly, possibly not. Use Everest Home Edition to identify the motherboard in your system, visit the manufacturer website for the motherboard and download the motherboard manual.

Check the front panel connectors to ensure they are attached correctly.

mmmm, but the computer doesn't start up, How can I identify It??


ooops! Silly me!

Open the case and see if you can find any identifying markings on the motherboard. (Look for a make and model number printed on the board itself, not the markings on chips that are fitted to the board)

Hi. I to have an Emachine 770 an I did experience the some problem and the fault lies on the motherboard.I send the motherboard for repair (fitting new caps).My machine is 3 years old and working night and day, done quiet well.

The Emachine 770 motherboard is...: TriGem Imperial IM 845G

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