Hi, I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but my username should explain why.
I'm having problems getting my desktop PC to start up. I'm currently using my gf's laptop to post this plee for help.
Basically, since this morning, my desktop PC won't get beyond the black screen with writing on it (e.g AMIBIOS etc, DRAM Clock = 333MHZ etc) at the beginning of the start-up process. I think this is the post screen but not sure.
In my intellectually limited attempts to solve this problem, I have tried turning the computer off, then on again, sometimes holding down DEL, F11/12, or TAB, which it seems to recognise but does nothing about none-the-less.
I thought maybe getting into the BIOS screen would be a start, but that counts for nothing as I really know very little about anything.
Can anybody help me before I die of stupidity and shame.:sad:

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Several issues could be at work here. Your boot.ini file (the one that tells your computer what operating system to boot in to) may have been corrupted either by a virus or carelessness. If you are running Windows XP boot into your machine's bios by holding down the 'delete' key while booting (or whatever your computer's setup routine is) and go to the boot configuration. You want to set the machine to boot from the CDROM as a first choice. Put your Windows XP CD in the drive and re-boot. When it asks you if you want to set up Windows say 'Yes' and keep clicking 'yes' or 'Continue' until it looks for previous installations. When it has found your Windows Installation you hopefully will be presented with some options. One of them should be to Repair the Current Installtion and it will ask you to press 'R'. Do that and you will repair your system. If you do not have that option, there are other things that can be done but none of them can be outlined here.

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