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I recently added 256MB RAM to have 512MB for the sake of it (Greed), Anyway when I booted it took me to a boot menu saying boot normaly, safe mode or last known good config, non of these work, they each just power off the machine and start again, I have already tried booting with just one dimm at a time in each slot, reseting the BIOS jumpers and taking out the CMOS battery. Any ideas people, any help would be much appritiated, By the way its DDR Ram,



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UHH, I did do this, Size, speed and parity matched but makes differed, I just formated, lazy way, Ha, Thanks anyway.


uhh ddr ram has to be instaleld in pairs of matching size, speed and pariyty, did you do this?


yeah, any problems after format?
makes dont matter i use different ones in all my familys pcs
whats your pc's ram and ram per slot limit?
in 1999 - 2002 era pc's its max 256 a slot, max total 512


No problems after format, Just have to get it the way I like it now,

I didnt think it would make a differance but this time it did, We always use different makes at work and never a problem.

The RAM is 256 per slot, Max 512, but its a 2005 machine, Pretty basic but gets the job done.

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