I am new here and this site loks to be a great place to keep coming back to. Thanks in advance for your help.

We have a Pavillion 7955 that has been just great but last week on start up it went to a screen were it was giving choices of a couple different types of safe modes or normal mode to choose from. The problem is that no matter what I select it will not go beyond the screen I am looking at.

I have lot of important info in this PC and am hoping it is not lost.

Thank you for your help.


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You may want to try a Windows XP Repair installation. Use your Windows XP CD to boot up. You'll be asked if you want to do a fresh re-install or a repair installation.


The only disks I have are for the hp system recovery which states on it WinXP, there are 7 disks. any more advise on this?



On the 1st disk there should be an option to Repair the current windows installation.

Furthermore if you have a second PC close by you could install the drive as a SLAVE drive and pull your files off that disk and back them up to the other machine. Either way if you do things properly you shouldn't loose your work.

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