Ok, let's try one more. I'm working on a Toshi M35X Satellite that runs perfectly fine with one small problem. When you turn it on, no matter if it's from the a/c adapter, battery, both, it won't finish posting until you insert the adapter plug, withdraw it from the socket about 1/3-1/2 way, then maybe push it back in before it initializes and the hdd starts up. (you can hear it)
Battery is good, charger charges,only other symptom is it thinks it's on a/c power all the time, even when it's not. I've disabled power management, etc. To get it to finish post and boot up, you've got to put the adapter plug in the ac barrel at least half way, then pull it out a bit. BTW, it doesn't have to be plugged in to work. I mean the a/c adapter doesn't have to provide juice for this to work, it just has to physically be present in the socket.
Any ideas? I'd really appreciate if somebody just said hi even. Thanks in any event.

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Wellllll.... First off, Hi.
I wrote a huge freaking response about all the possible options but when I went to submit it, the form erased all but half of the first sentence so Im just gonna give u the probables. If they dont work feel free to message me.

New Battery:
Try installing a brand new battery, its like a jump started car. The battery works, its just not sufficient to get itself going without a little help.

Utter hell when its messing with something you could be unfamiliar with, but if its an older laptop check the bios/registry to make sure theres no setting that REQUIRES you to be on AC power to start it. I know it sounds crazy but there was a time when this was common.

Thx and good luck.

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