Hi guys, I'm new - and just wanting some advice.

I am trying to find a solution to a friend’s computer problem.

The monitor is blank when the computer boots. I can see brief preliminary startup screens, but then it goes blank.

Have checked power/data cable etc and all seems fine.

When the computer is on, and then I turn the power off and then on again at the monitor I see the desktop image on the monitor briefly for about two seconds, then it goes blank again. It does this consistently if I turn power on/off at the monitor.

I don’t think it is a video card problem because I can see the monitor working fine (albeit briefly)

I don’t think it is a resolution conflict – resolution is set at 1024x768 High colour

It could be power saving or bios issue? Suggestions on how to fix it given the screen is blank regardless of whether I startup in safe mode or when I try to access the bios setup.

OS is Windows XP

Hardware – HP Pavillion 6501, Monitor – Samsung Flat Screen Sync Master 710V

Appreciate your help.


Sounds like the backlight is cooked. Only breifly flashes what should be displayed if you toggle the monitor's power. That happened to me. It was the backlight, contact the manufacturer and see if they'll replace it for you, or you could try to find a new backlight and put it in yourself, which would be very tricky, I would only trust my computer engineering teacher to do that for me.

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