I'm running on:

P4 3.0Ghz
ASRock 775i65GV mobo
1 x SATA Maxtor 6L080M0 HDD
1 x IDE DVD Benq Rewriter (Master on Secondary IDE channel)
1 x IDE DVD Samsung Reader (Slave on Secondary IDE channel)
Geforce FX5200 Video

The BIOS detects all hardware (SATA drive at UDMA 6) but XP firstly detects the SATA at UDMA 5 then reverts to PIO, unless I set the BIOS to WDMA 2 which XP is then happy with.

I've not had CRC errors so it's not due to this that XP is resetting.

I've tried all the usual registry fixes (MasterIDDataChecksum etc) and everything else I can think of eg:
Uninstalling controllers and Pri / Sec channels and letting XP refind;
Installing new Intel 82801EB controller drivers (haven't found any).

I'm informed that my mobo is ok for SATA1 and the controllers don't need any new drivers.

The best HDD speed on HD Tach that I can get in PIO mode is 3Mb/s!!! In WDMA 2 its 43Mb/s.

Should I be getting a lot more speed if I can get XP to accept UDMA 5?

How do I stop XP resetting to PIO mode?

Should I be getting UDMA 6 in XP?

Please help!!!

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