Hey Someone gave us another working "quicksilver" Does anyone have one of these? Or Knows what their capable off.. We have one already but that's dedicated and modified for a specific task.

Thsi one's for experimentation ....We have spare memory, and hard drives and family pack software to put in.

My Questions are:

Can We boot off the other drives ..We can boot in classic and OS 10
If I put Linux on one of three drives is can I boot into linux or do i need a utility

Are there any companies making inexpensive usb 2.0/firewire 400/800 cards? They didn't give me a budget for this one so its coming out of pocket or the cookie jar.

I have a video microscope, analog/digital lab sensors, and a bunch or pasco scientifc modules. I divided up all the manuals to the different study teams so they will have to give me presantations or their equipment or software.

I'm thinking of putting this one in the classroom my olders sciencekids use. Also letting them install hardware and software. We put a two year old PC and some spare parts in the class last year any my tech savy kids fixed it up really great.

They have permission to work on only the quicksilver and the pc .. they can't touch the other computers. And I want them to work this as a joint project ... The Tech Kids teaching the not so tech kids "Using Plain English" I've taught my tech kids not to talk down at their peer ... because "paybacks a bitch" when their doing their outdoor activities I taught the little outdoorspersons to not talk down at their peers.

I have the rest of the year with these kids for this project.

Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated?

Thanks ahead of time

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This "Quicksilver" is quite a sought after model despite it's age, it has dual 1Ghz processors and you can fit 1.5 Gig of RAM into it. Also has Firewire 400 which is faster than usb2.0. I would not recommend using Leopard 10.5 but preferable to use Tiger 10.4.11 runs sweetly. does not need extra utility to boot from other OS as far as I know, would you need Linux when you have Unix and X11. Used with "Crossover" you can run MS apps on it as well as Linux. I have one of these for Video editing and it still sits proudly on my desk alongside newer hardware without showing any signs of reduncancy for quite a while yet. Best of luck with it. Patrick


You would be doing them a favor for the future to let them learn some sort of Unix flavor. After all that's where the Web come from, forward slash in the hyper links etc. I have a G4 with 10.4.11 Sonnet powered and it is far from it's use by date. I still use this machine every day despite having an awesome G5. There is not much it won't run with 1.5 Gig of ram. Do the kids a kind gesture and help them migrate to it :))


I thought the QuickSilver is a dual 800 machine!

There were two quicksilver models - Quicksilver and Quicksilver 2002, the original came with a 733MHz, 867MHz or Dual 800MHz processor and could only use hard drives up to 120GB. Then the 2002 came with 800MHz, 933MHz or Dual 1GHz processors and could use any size hard drive.

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