ok.. lately my computer has been restarting randomly while playing World of Warcraft, however only when i play WoW does this happen, and time incriments in between when it happens varies from day to day. The other day it happened and when it restarted an error came up telling me that boot device wasnt recognized and to insert proper boot device or something like that... so i restarted and got into the bios...the hard drive and cd-rom were both not recognized, so i shut down and hooked them both up again (reconnected everything) restarted and got nothing except for fans and whatnot inside case...no post no nothing, not even anything on the screen it just went into powersave mode. i swapped in a different graphics card and psu, but neither had any impact. i still have to try swapping memory around to see if that works... other than that im lost as to what could be the problem, i mean my computer was working fine before what the freak could be wrong??? any help would be helpful, THANKS. :!:

When you go to BIOS what does it show as system time and date? Were those correct?