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I posted this question because I'm curious and I'm also a mac fan, pc and palm. But I'm not one to keep up with the techno jone's. I'm the reverse .. I hang on to equipment and software until it dies.

My work uses PC's and Mac's .. so I use Dells, HP and a Macbook Pro.
I just have a mini and an ibook both G4s, HP Pav. Desktop.
My band just bought a 24 imac for our studio.(so thats co owned.

i run some oldie computers at home so everybody can get onto the net.. Power mac 7100/80 OS 8.5, Dell Inspiron Laptop Ubunto Linux, and Toshiba 4025 cdt laptop running Win 2000. My family pretty much respects and uses the old computers cuz.. they work, the get the job done.. and we've loaded them with software (freeware) that makes them active. We have the newer macs and pcs but when the bewitching hour happens...after dinner ... its every man, woman and child for themselves... you get time on the first computer your can get you hands on... believe me ...i was too slow a couple of times so i got the dino computers.

Anyway, That was an example .. This ones for the pre intel mac...but if you wanna add your Dinocomputers feel free to ..

How long will you use your mac?
How many people are still using G3s, G4s and G5s?
What preintel macs do you own or work with?
Are you going to replace your machines in the near future?
Do you see an urgent need to get an intel machine?
Do you need to use an intell machine?
How long do you perceive you current mac will last?
What are some essential software would you recommend using to keep your preintel mac productive and part of the workforce?

My answers
What was the questions? LOL
I've developed great relationships with my old computers... so I probably won't put them in the Convalescent Homes for computer.

Software .. As long as I have a browser, word processor, email and something to play music on ... I'm good to go.

Life span ...at leas five years.. the computers have been passed from adult to kid to kid .. a couple of the computers about 15 yrs old.(They see some action so they get den and not the family room. I don't know about that 2 yrs old nephew though ... he'll probably do great bodily harm to one of the macs or the old faithfuls ... thats why we don't let him into the studio control room.

Aloha and thanks ahead of time

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