Ok here's the thing...I was having problems with my computer only getting to the boot prompt (where it says safe mode, last known good configuration, normal mode) and then restarting itself.

Well now when I attempt to power on my computer, the power and HDD lights come on, but the monitor light remains amber as if it was in hibernation mode. I found that if I take the CMOS battery out and reset the BIOS, my computer will turn on and I just press F1 to continue past the BIOS settings. I can actually get into Windows and have full functionality. There is only one difference when I'm in Windows: there are some flashing white horizontal lines on images, more especially on videos. I reinstalled all the drivers for my motherboard including the ones for my integrated VIA video chipset.

So here lies the problem...when I go to reset my computer, it won't turn back on! The monitor goes back into hibernation mode while the power and HDD lights stay on constantly. I have to take the CMOS battery and reset the BIOS each time for my computer to turn on. I have already tried reseating the processor and ram and keep in mind I have integrated video.

When I was in the BIOS I copied down the voltage settings:
CPU Vcore – 1.36V
+ 3.3V – 3.28V
+5.0V – 5.05V
DRAM Voltage – 2.60V
Voltage Battery – 3.23V
Current CPU Temp – 40degreesC

Here is my computer's specs:

Windows XP
MachSpeed MB
Pentium 2.93 processor
2 HD's (1 for OS, 1 for files)
Integrated Video

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Have you tried changing the battery?

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